Introducing Our Characters

In Where Birds Go To Sleep, you inhabit the unconscious mind of Cormo, a churlish sailor-turned-smuggler. To find a cure for your sister’s sickness, you sneak your way into a dangerous expedition to explore the unknown, reserved only for the worst prisoners. There, you will get to know a handful of very special, deeply developed and fully realised characters. Become their friend, get to know their secrets, manipulate or abuse them to your, or Cormo’s will.

One of the first characters you will meet is Dunlin – a “Properly Born” young man who is steadfast in his moral and religious principles. But what must a purebred like him be guilty of to end up here with you?

“Some people copulate like animals, bolstering their sub-par breed. One such child was given up by his mother at an age older than usual. He treasured the memory of her face. He dreamt of her, of her soft hands caressing his hair.

But Cormo told no one.”
“Dunlin, like other distinguished, Properly Born males, have their likeness painted just before reaching maturity as a reference for comparison of physical features when children of lesser breed are selected to join them in pursuit of that which is noble.”